What we do is different. You can release your fish and still get it mounted! No, it's not magic, it's patience and hard work. Ok, lets say that you have just caught the fish of your dreams, the one that you've been after for years. All that you have to do is take a couple of pictures, record the length, weight, and girth, then you're done. Easy, huh? The only thing you have left is to send me the information.

At Trophy Fish Replicas we put your replica as our highest priority. All the replicas we use are the highest quality blanks, with thin, lifelike fins to ensure your satisfaction.

After the blank is made the first step would be to attach the fins and model them. After the fins are done we need to model the eyes and teeth with the latest technology in two part epoxy, for the most lifelike look possible. The next step would be to paint the mount. All the colors are airbrushed on the replica so it looks as if you've just pulled it out of the water. After the paint has dried we put a layer of epoxy clearcoat on. We leave the choice up to you: light clearcoat, moderate, or heavy. We recomend heavy for pike and musky. Now your fish is basically done. The last thing would be to put it on a hand-picked piece of driftwood and add any weeds or accesories ordered. Your replica is finished and immediately shipped out. Hopefully you have found out the information you wanted and maybe a little about the fish replica process.

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Replica We have Done of a 42 inch and 28lb  Muskie.
Caught on Lake Nokomis
Tomahawk Wis
Replica of a 14 inch Bluegill, on Display
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17.5 in Perch replica with Rock Scenery
51 inch Lake Mohawksin Muskie Replica. Caught and released 7-24-2006
46 inch Northern Pike Replica Caught 5-15-1973 Wisconsin River in Tomahawk
Replica of the World Record Tiger Muskie done by Trophy Fish Replicas
World Record LargeMouth Bass Replica
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All of Replicas are priced per inch, length only. We do not charge on the girth measurement.

Panfish have a set price of $325.00
Gamefish: $14.00 per inch $375.00 Min.

Replica Rocks are priced by size.

Replica Driftwood priced by size.

All work is done in our Studio


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38 inch Northern Pike Replica. Caught and Released in Lake Alice